General Committee 


GC1- Health

  • Discussing the issue of water borne diseases, diseases transmitted through water supplies, occurring in third world countries.


GC2- Education

  • The issue of lack of education during the pandemic.


GC3- Natural Sciences

  • Tackling the issue of forest fires in the Mediterranean Region in 2021.


GC4- Culture

  • Examining the issue of discrimination against disabled members of society.


GC5- Communication and Information

  • Contribution of media during the pandemic.


Special Focus


SF1- Social and Human Rights

  • Discussing the ways to improve the people’s mental health affected by the pandemic.

SF2- Child Labor

  • The issue of children working for fast fashion companies.

Executive Board


EB1- Human Rights

  • Tracking the issue of violation of human rights and discrimination in health-care during the coronavirus outbreak.

EB2- Economical Issues

  • Discussing the issue of the struggles faced by the working class due to the income difference caused by the pandemic.