General Committee

GC1- General Question & Program Support:

  • The use of cannabis in the medical sector 

  • The right to privacy and confidentiality in the digital age 

GC2- Education:

  • Resolving the issue of educational discrimination with a focus on minorities 

  • Improving the quality of education in third world countries and the MENA region 

GC3- Natural Sciences:

  • Preventing the mass extinction of species and destruction of habitats 

  • Preventing the adverse impacts farming has on the environment 

GC4- Culture:

  • Improving gender equality around the world with emphasis on the Middle East region 

  • Preventing negative stereotyping and violence towards people based on religion and ethnicity.

GC5-Communication & Information:

  • Solving the issues of censorship with an emphasis on media and news.

  • Raising awareness in the media about child labor with the aim of stopping it


Special Focus

SF1-: Sustainable Development

  • Finding potential solutions to growing unemployment problem in the Middle East and Northern Africa, compensating for the rampant political and social instability in the region.

  • Working to get petroleum based economies such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait to meet sustainable development goals


SF2- Child Labor

  • Focusing on ensuring the safety and education of child workers in West Africa.

  • Increasing inspections and laws prohibiting child labour in agriculture, with emphasis on India and Philippines.

Executive Board

EB1- Human Rights:

  • Eradicating  the problem of human trafficking

  • Focusing on the health of children and women in war zones and conflicted areas.


EB2 Economical Issues:

  • Discussing the economic effects a no-deal Brexit would have on the United Kingdom and European Union.

  • Preventing the problem of unemployment due to the automation


Security Council
  • Solving the human rights abuses in China, such as the policies against Uyghur Turks. 



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