General Committee 


GC2- Education:

  •  Aim of creating safe and accessible education in countries where it is neglected especially during the pandemic.

GC3- Natural Sciences:

  •  Taking measures in the prevention of the spreading of California wildfires.

GC4- Culture:

  •  Tackling the issue of racial discrimination.

GC5-Communication & Information:

  • The issue of freedom of expression in the media.


Special Focus

SF1-: Social and Human Sciences

  • The issue of absence in court evidence in long and rich prison sentences.


SF2- Child Labor

  • Examining everyday realities and struggles in the pursuit of gender equality.

Executive Board

EB1- Human Rights:

  • The issue of human rights violations including xenophobia, discrimination and arbitrary detention due to the coronavirus outbreak.


EB2 Economical Issues:

  • The issue of unemployment due to the pandemic.