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Agenda Items

General Assembly (GA)

GC1 - Health 

  • Improving the accessibility and affordability of vaccines and medicines in low-income countries.

GC2 - Education

  • Considering the digitalization of education to enhance learning in less developed countries.

GC3 - Natural Sciences 

  • Discussing the issue of the lack of clean water resources due to pollution in third world countries.

GC4 - Culture 

  • Protection of cultural heritage sites from acts of vandalism in Central Asia and the Middle East due to armed conflicts.

GC5 - Communication and Information 


  • Providing accurate and truthful information to the public through new innovative digital technologies in densely populated nations.

Special Focus (SF)

SF1 - Social and Human Sciences


  • Discussing the negative impact social media has had on the public’s mental health after the pandemic. 


SF2 - Gender Equality 


  • Debating the problem of gender stereotyping in career choice and hiring. 

Executive Board (EB)

EB1 - Human Rights 


  • Tackling the issue of child trafficking and child labor in Asia and the Middle East.

EB2 - Finance


  • Discussing the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on the global economy and coming up with ways to repair the damage caused by it.

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