Welcome Letter

Dear participants and advisors, 


On behalf of the Organizing Team, it is and honor and a pleasure to welcome all of you to the 12th Annual Junior Model United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization held by Bilkent Laboratory International School from the 25th to the 27th of February, 2021. 


JMUNESCO is a conference that provides a platform for middle school as well as high school students to debate upon global issues from the perspective of different countries. Becoming a Delegate, Ambassador, or Student Officer is a highly beneficial and eye-opening experience for all participants. We all have the power to influence, take charge, and change our world for the better. Therefore it is quite important to gain an understanding of the United Nations at a young age. All students that take part in JMUNESCO conferences learn to be more confident and productive problem solvers due to all that takes place in just three days. 


This year’s theme “Get Better Together” emphasizes the severe damage the pandemic has caused to our planet and us humans and how we hope to repair as countries as well as physically. Teamwork is essential if we want to make a difference. Living on the same planet, we all are a team. 


This conference will be our second online conference. The Organizing Team is working very hard to make the conference an enjoyable and memorable experience whilst being online. To participate please send us an online confirmation and if you have any questions at all, please contact us at @ jmunesco@blisankara.org 


Once again, on behalf of the Organizing Team, I welcome you to the 11th annual session of JMUNESCO. Good luck to all participants. 


Yasmin Nalçacı, 

Director General of JMUNESCO’22